This space is dedicated to the transformation of our beings, at all levels, with the purpose of collective evolution.

SIBA is a treasure-technique handed to us, her children, by Mother Earth, at a time of great planetary upheavals.

We introduce here the practice and the different techniques of SIBA, and offer some inspiring leads of guidance to those desiring to investigate deeper in a more active way, with her help and wisdom.

In the past years SIBA has been evolving through a process of experimentation by hundreds of people all over the Planet.  Its only form of advertisement has been collective enthusiasm and word of mouth.

May SIBA guide you towards creativity and freedom, two gifts very much within our reach.


Terma and Tertön

Termas are hidden treasures and key Tibetan Buddhist teachings, which were hidden by various adepts for future discovery by other adepts (known as Tertöns) at auspicious times. SIBA is a multi traditional Terma dedicated to the global changes in progress; retrieved, designed, implementation fully achieved ever since 2008, by Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman, Its method’s orthodoxy is exclusively ensured by Lydia and Pancho Crazy Deer.

It is a technology that takes shape in programmed crystals. Its characteristic is that it decodes and transmutes archaic archetypal programmings at a cellular level in our DNA.

She reads and put to the light transpersonal memories at the transgenerational level through a “story” or narrative that emerges in the session (be it individual or collective sessions).


Healing our ancestors

SIBA heals the wounds of our ancestors, allows them to rewrite their story in order to offer us a radiant present and future, free from their burden.

SIBA is a process which requests a real involvement and a strong intent of receiving its benefits. It requires a sincere and humble heart, ready to confront his/her sides disbalances which do not fit with the law of nature nor with our inner and outer ecology.


Retrieving our personal medicines

SIBA guides us towards the emergence of our own power: our inhibited personal medicines that can’t express themselves or be used because of our binding memories.

Our several bodies are nourished and they open to connect with the flow of the universe: this area of intention where it is possible to create a reality aligned with the evolution of our Mother Earth.

As such, SIBA removes the obstacles in our way by giving us insight and discernment.



SIBA is an ancestral feminine consciousness. She is incarnated and operational in the form of a Terma, as known in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Tantrism. This Terma is dedicated to the current planetary evolution.



SIBA can be practiced in individual sessions and also collectively. The only practitioners entitled to operate them in the name of SIBA are Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman and Pancho Crazy Deer. guardians responsible for her ethics.



Traditional practitioner initiated since 2000 into the Shipibo-Conibo tradition of sacred plants in the Peruvian Amazon.She’s a Tertön (a discoverer of a Terma esoteric treasure of the Tibetan tradition) and SIBA is the Terma she is responsible for.



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