Lydia thunder buffalo woman


Traditional practitioner initiated since 2000 into the Shipibo-Conibo tradition of sacred plants in the Peruvian Amazon.
She’s a Tertön (a discoverer of a Terma esoteric treasure of the Tibetan tradition) and SIBA is the Terma she is responsible for.

Her path, under two indigenous teachers of Amazonia led her to a very strict and ever-demanding traditional practice. This path, far from the western standards of life, was not free from temptations to quit. But persistence and a grounding of the heart overcame the doubts and fears inherent to any authentic shamanistic practice.

It is in the heart of the forest while overcoming both uncomfortable and ecstatic processes that she understands the intimate link between our genetic personal memory and the history of humanity. This allows her to experience in her own body, the connection between Earth and the Cosmos, and between human beings and the Netheru (Gods and Goddesses of all traditions).

In 1994, during a Shamanic ritual the arrival of SIBA is communicated to her.

This name, SIBA, returns to her in dreams and visions but it is not until 2007, after having overcome intense challenges on a personal and esoteric level, that she is visited by the first Nether. This Nether announces that she will need to travel across the world and design a system for transmuting archaic limitative programmings. The “body” of this system is a mineral one (the mineral reign is the first of all the reign, which, consequently, would allow access to the most ancient information).

From 2008 to 2011, with faith and dreams as her only guidance, Lydia takes off on the search for programming codes. These codes are actually etheric, information of sacred geometry located all around the globe:

Tula in Mexico, Aswan in Egypt, Titicaca Lake in Peru, Crestone in North America, Haridwar and Varanasi in India and eventually in the land of the Tertöns: Tiger’s Nest, located in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas.

These technologies were hidden approximately 14000 years ago by the creator of SIBA, a very enlightened priestess of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, in order to be found today by the Tertön.

On the 21st of August in 2008 the first SIBA codes were programmed in a crystal body. This is the day of its official birth into a precise geometric system consisting of several crystals and an elaborate protocol. Throughout the years, the system has expanded to include complementary crystals at each new programming. SIBA is composed of four techniques: The Wheel of Time, Metatron’s Tetraedron, The Winged Snake and The Chant of the Phoenix.

The Winged Snake is a technique to transmute imprints linked to the fall of sacred sexuality, leading to all sexual deviances.

During the programming of this technique, Lydia is faced with dark and vampire-like forces, never encountered by her before, that leads her to almost give up her quest. It is then, in July of 2010, that she experiences for the first time the “descent” of the great Netheru (Gods and Godesses of all traditions), the Nation of the Stars. They transmit to her the sacred language Meïa, a key deprograming language with irresistible power over ancient and limitative programmings. Since then, Meïa has been an integral part of the system and its practice.

During the night between the 17th and the 18th of March 2011, SIBA completes the programming for the Chant of the Phoenix in Peru after having integrated the Bhutan programming codes into its crystals.

This night celebrates as well Lydia’s graduation ceremony to the rank of Muraya or “Master healer” in the Amazonian tradition. This means that from now on she has no other teachers but the spirits and is trusted with greater responsibilities.

In June 2012 she receives instruction to go on a quest for new programming codes. She departs in 2013, first to Abydos in Egypt, then to Baalbek in Lebanon and Cappadocia in Turkey. SIBA then reaches a new dimension by acquiring its fifth technique: The Chrysalis.

From September 2013 and for a few months, Lydia receives a blessing in the form of a highly initiatory challenge that leads her to transcend many of her own limitative beliefs. She is then firmly and totally dedicated to incarnating and transmitting the ways and the teachings of the Terma.

The Great Ancestors give her the name of Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman as she is offered the fleece of a black bison who has given his life during a traditional Native North American ritual. The honour of wearing it as a sacred headdress leads her to be all the more loyal as a Medicine Woman of service to the White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Great Star Nation, and to SIBA, the Doorway to Freedom.

Today, SIBA and her Tertön follow their quest and their practice in diverse areas of the Planet. They actively collaborate in the current regeneration of the Planet’s Sacred Ecology.