A sacred secret

A sacred secret

By Lydia Thunder Buffalo

We were born from a divine matrix of creation, as the result of a plethora of alchemical equations originating in the womb of the Great Goddess Gaïa, Pachamama, Mother Earth, in her deepest waters, in the egg of all potentialities.

We were created in perfect symbiosis with Nature, our Mother. We were gifted with the very qualities and talents that empower us to interact with Her as well as with all the beings of the other kingdoms/kindoms.

On Earth, every actor is at his/her right place, has a specific role and fulfills it unquestioningly, relying on the balanced universal laws.

We have been entrusted with a tremendous power, the power to create our own paradise and to write happy and fulfilling life scenarios thanks to a marvelous tool: imagination.

At the heart of the innocence of our inner child, lives a huge amount of unfulfilled desire to innovate by pushing away, more and more, the boundaries of our reality.

We have the power to weave our reality first by dreaming it, then setting out specific intentions and finally focusing our attention and actions towards the desired goal.

How is it, then, that in spite of our willpower and our longing for abundance and balance in our lives, we do not often succeed?

A few years ago, when “The Secret” came out, it did not have much to offer in terms of profound teachings. Nonetheless, this book – and then its movie – became bestsellers as an incredible number of people were captivated by its main theme: the law of attraction and the power of visualization.

This secret is: I am going to attract what I desire most. It is a Law of Nature.

The practice of creative visualization is a very rewarding exercise. For some, the favorable outcome manifests quickly while others will clearly realize that despite their willpower, their immense faith in their creative power and in the invisible allies by their side, they only feel stagnation.

These people are not able to attract what they want although their quest may be, sometimes, characterized by simplicity and although they only aspire to peace and love beyond the seemingly chaos of their existence. They do not dream so much of a mansion by the sea or a big bank account… Attracting only bad luck, they have the feeling to be the victims of a curse.

In spite of them being creative and optimistic, and being good with the people around, they are still attracting nothing but negativity. In this situation of repeated failures, it is important they start to raise questions, to wonder why the law of attraction seems to have no effect in their life, at least favorably.

It is our duty to venture within our inner being in order to meet ourselves and to realize that, deep down, we do not really know who we are. And, in these conditions, how may we ask the Universe to have this knowledge and to impart what is right for us?

Thus begins the odyssey of the warrior-healer, the journey of the hero/heroine who leaves his/her comfort zone, where one feels secure, at what cost though ?! This journey is under the auspices of the Universe which is going to fulfill immediately our request and guide us towards people and practices that may help us.

As soon as we decide to dive into the depths of our soul to discover some light and some answers, with innocence and a brave heart, Pachamama-Gaïa’s magic operates and offers us protection and guidance. This voyage can last a lifetime and confers, through its course, multiple blessings and crucial liberations which we may then use to assist others who took the same commitment.

This experience, sustained by the full strength of the heart, becomes a powerful developmental tool, a true catalyst. All practices involving the transmutation of memories, the understanding of the impact of cellular memories on our lives, and in our energy field, constitute keys at work, everywhere on Earth, to give us freedom and creative power.

Let’s be very resolute; let’s never give up our quest as long as it does not provide satisfactory and visible results; let’s conduct the investigation, in real life, to welcome the truth that our being is largely under the influence of a virus hijacking us from the symbiosis with the biosphere through limiting and repetitive patterns, old emotional burdens – which rarely belong to us.

It is up to us to start observing and studying these limitations which are shaping what we believe to be our personality – sometimes even our essence – in order to realize that our true self is imprisoned within a kind of sleeping-jail, deprived of its own expression by the unresolved conflicts of our ancestors and by the limiting programmings they have generated.

We may, thus, grasp that every time we visualize what we want to attract to us, other forms of consciousness, within us, are going to use their veto. Their memories, in our cells, emit vibrations of low frequency, and low awareness, that can only attract events or people vibrating at that same level. We unconsciously create a reality that does not fit us because it is stemming from the angers and fears of all the branches of our family tree – while we are underground, enduring the weight of the old tree, tangled in its roots.

Pachamama-Gaïa invites us to activate our energy to untangle this pack of karmic knots by wearing our armor of light and entering the battlefield with courage, transcending our fears. We may, indeed, loose a few feathers in the process as the demons of the past are powerful and do their very best not to evolve. But they will only be worn feathers and others will have space to grow to allow our wings to unfold. Many diverse limitative programmings are common to humanity. While transforming those manifested in us, we work for the benefit of all living beings.

The more we free ourselves, the more our creative power emerges and our true being finally takes control – healing occurs on all levels. We shape a virtuous circle, by which everything organizes itself around us, to be able to take the next steps, with more and more ease. We cease to attract to us situations, or beings, carrying negativity. If ever they manifest again, we may recognize them, welcome them as lessons and immediately look within to find out why they are cropping up. We then strive to transmute those aspects, which turn out beautifully mirrored in our daily life, before letting them go, in sincere gratitude and with no regrets.

A time may even come when we cease to want to attract anything to us, when we decide to rely, with full confidence, in our original being, the one who knows intuitively what is good for us, as part of the mission it has given us to fulfill, in co-creation with our allies, our Tribe.

This journey of the Warrior-Healer is within the reach of everyone; it is a choice to make in our lives by applying one of the most sacred secrets of Pachamama-Gaïa:

The transmutation of our limitative programmings leads us to meet our true identity and make our dreams come true by attracting to us beauty and abundance.

Il se peut même que vienne le moment où nous cessions de souhaiter attirer quoique ce soit à nous, où nous décidions de nous en remettre en toute confiance à notre être originel, celui qui intuitivement sait ce qui est bon pour lui, dans le cadre de la mission qu’il nous a donné d’accomplir, en co-création avec nos alliés, notre Tribu.

Ce voyage du Guerrier-Guérisseur est à la portée de chacun, il s’agit d’un choix à poser en appliquant dans nos vies un des secrets les plus sacrés de Pachamama-Gaïa:

Transmuter les programmations limitatives pour rencontrer notre réelle identité et réaliser nos rêves en attirant à nous beauté et abondance.