Less I think, more I am

Less I think, more I am

by Pancho Crazy Deer

It is clear that we do not know where our thoughts come from. It is as if we had a continuous transmitter : the mind and an amplifier receiver that makes us identify with it : the ego which dictates where the energy should be sent. We are thereby unconsciously feeding global disorder, whilst blaming others, instead of taking responsibility for ourselves!

Perhaps now we can better understand the value of choosing to invest in our recovery, our liberation, rather than contributing to world disharmony!

Expanding one’s consciousness, stretching it, raising it, this is almost the only life purpose of humans, this is what we are invited to do every second of our lives. And yet it is the last thing we humans want to do.

For shamans it is crucial, yet not enough for they must also expand their imagination, constantly seeking all other forms of intelligence in every realm, to communicate and interact with them, to channel their protocols, they cannot tolerate any limits to their imagination.

Their life is a permanent asceticism, a constant challenge, an endless search to expand their horizons and perceptions because as they progress they face ever deeper and more complex issues.

They go beyond the limits of reason, through meditation or sadhana, this has nothing to do with a mental or intellectual exercise. It is not up to the intellect alone to enact rules, behaviour, thinking, this would be to exceed its function. It must serve, not be served – in order to challenge this strong belief that we must always and in all things be right, overcoming the fear of losing our minds, armed with our faith alone and the fervent desire to overcome this fear.

Taste the freedom the joy of ecstasy which just stands there, hidden by the veil of fear that only the intrepid innocents can tear apart by laughing and singing!

Annoyances can eat away at our liberty, I always choose to be upset or annoyed or sad or hopeless, I know deep inside that I feed these feelings which alienate me, bring down my vibrational frequency, nevertheless I keep on feeding them. Certainly, the choice for most, is : « the easier, the better », as we are lazy, easier often tempts us.

It is to look at without judgment, to acknowledge without cheating, then recognise this unconscious fascination causing us to be alienated and decide instead, to evolve. Request all necessary assistance, search all available tools, and guides if necessary. “Nothing belongs to me, nothing is me,” this should be one of the most powerful mantras, whose tireless repetition would open the way to varied and rich consequences, carriers of emancipation, seeds of creativity, the breaking down of our barriers.

For what can remain if, « me », « myself », « I » and « mine », dissolve in the experience of the presence in the Now? Nothing but a laughable memory … Here we are touching on the true inner alchemy, the essence of Tantra, yet there is no need to name this experience if it is to get closer to the meaning of these often misguided terms. The alchemical equation is: Dissolution of « me », « myself », « I » and « mine », = rise of the Self.

What are we talking about when we say “mind”?

The mind is tirelessly and continuously thinking, always hungry, never satiated. It decides arbitrarily the order and hierarchy of all thought-forms it is capable of unleashing in the brain a sophisticated internal chemistry which resonates with an individuals’s state of mind, according to how joyful, sad or anguished they are …Left to it’s own true nature it cannot make any connection with the heart.

A balloon that swells in vain then bursts, leaving only a foul smell. Tash does not get this !!!

We’d better establish a harmonious balance dedicated to the natural law.

Let’s say no to the prison of the mind and take refuge instead in our heart, where freedom awaits us!