by Pancho Crazy Deer

In the New Earth, the hearts of the free men of the Great Outdoors do not bleed, love is not an expectation but a gift, it can therefore not be removed, abolished.

The attachment to the other does not exist, because it would demonstrate gaps and diminish the love which here is unconditional.

In the ancient land of the setting sun, the sun that is going down and dissolving into darkness, love arises from an attraction where a part is unconsciously linked to unidentified wounds and therefore unhealed. This inevitably leads to a problem because if one of the two heals a part with which the other has not yet identified, therefore can’t heal, the amorous balance is broken.

Lots of couples lacking in sincerity, keep a united front, a facade rationalising with some bogus arguments.

But there can no longer be any question of love; unconditional love leads one to rejoice in all that rejoices the other, to feel free due to the desire for the beloved to feel absolute freedom , supported by the entire certitude of the love that the other feels for them, and one’s full certitude in their heart.

Without a play on words, a separation can be more of a rite of passage than an ordeal, the one that we have chosen on our path, unless you consider yourself a victim, i.e. to validate everything that characterises the human slaves of the ancient earth.

But if you consider yourself a warrior who fights for beauty, for liberty, for the release of chaos, for the end of the devastation, for unconditional love, then to not fall into the trap of renouncing without fighting that which you have decided to face.

Recognise one’s courage, honour oneself tenderly, with a lot of respect, and go on the assault of all one’s old patterns that bind immature humans: various bundles of guilt, the art of blaming others, fear of abandonment, anger or jealousy, manipulation, insincerity, victimisation and others still.

As it is tune with the times and it is what our Mother Earth asks of her children, we are completely supported by her and that of the universe, all we need to do is ask, but one has to do so to obtain all the help required.

Victory is certain, and the beloved cannot be lost. Certainly there is a legitimate and necessary mourning, as each time old patterns leave us, but it is not the mourning of the other, but of the relationship, and of it’s comfort, it’s that of habits and reflexes,installed,cristalized who cause us to loose from sight life and love and would not be compatible with this sweet and sly sclerosis.

This grief is the occasion to repel any temptation of rejection, anger, remorse.

On a daily basis, the fight is like a roller coaster, even on a vibrational level it is not acceptable to have feelings of anger, reproche or sadness. One must be on one’s guard and not be at all open to low frequency emotions, not dwell on feelings of failure or errors, not attempt to forget or to rub out either, this would be equivalent to lying to oneself, one must not judge oneself or the other.

In any case it is the mind associated with ego from which comes the danger. It’s their connection to the limitating false matrix destined to keep them prisoner of the body of suffering which sends false messages, is abusive and leeds to repeating the same mistakes.

We will be on the battle field 24 hours per day, having to be vigilant re-entering oneself in one’s heart; as soon as we feel sadness, discern if we don’t believe in it spontaneously, that it’s the ego and the mind who are hearing, go inside and with one’s will, welcome to transcend one’s pain. Nothing must remain.

The battle takes place in all the spheres of daily life and it is adorned with sacred rituals when the time has come, which are the occasion to realise and integrate them. There are only two options that only we can choose: be a victim or a hero.