The false matrix “for Dummies” PART 1

The false matrix
“for Dummies”

by Pancho Crazy Deer

Humanity is submerged in a collective hypnosis, the victim of a spell, entangled in the wheels of a false matrix. Humans are used as pasture, their energy is vampirized. (Adam, in Sumerian, means cattle!)

One has only to remember the energy of childhood and wonder just where it went.

This false matrix is in each of us, it is the body of suffering, limitations, which speaks of illusions and misperceptions, creating all disorders, diseases and death. It’s tool is the mind, responsible for the inflation of the ego.

Throughout history men and women have managed to get out of the false matrix without being able or wanting others to do the same. Some are famous, many others remain anonymous and unknown.

The project of the Earth and the universe is the destruction of the false matrix and the full reinstatement of the true creative matrix.

This is a telluric and cosmic adjustment and so comes with some resistance, “friction”. The image which is most helpful in order for us to understand, would be that of a true inter galactic war ?

Every woman every man is a universe, the universe as well as humanity is one, we are one and each one is the world. We are the bearers of our individual genetic heritage, of the memories of all our ancestors, of countless traumatic memories since time immemorial, not least multiple injuries, not to mention those of this life and past lives.

Furthermore we are what we think, what we do and what we eat. If we entertain thoughts of anger, hatred, jealousy, we become that, if we eat poisons, we are poisoned. If we want power, we banish all ethics, if we manipulate, it is only ourselves that we abuse. All the information we send into the field of the biosphere, or morphogenic field, by our actions and our thoughts comes back, amplified. It is the law of the Universe.

How can we hope to know, in these circumstances peace, harmony, joy of life, love and health?