Dear friends,
It is difficult for us to meet the demand for one-on-one sessions at the moment. In addition, and because of the upheavals on Earth during this key period of Planetary Regeneration, we now favor collective work. If you would like to participate in online group SIBA sessions, Original MerKaBa activations and to other events: teachings, stellar frequency and Gaia transmissions, please subscribe to our newsletter. You can also join our channel on the Telegram app


SIBA can be practiced in individual sessions and also collectively. The only practitioners entitled to operate them in the name of SIBA are Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman and Pancho Crazy Deer. guardians responsible for her ethics.

The individual sessions last one hour and consist in transmuting limitative memories that create blockages. They also allow soul recoveries. They are perfect for people who wish to receive SIBA occasionally and for the ones who are entering a healing and personal evolution path.

The rituals of the Wheel of Time, the Metatron’s Tetrahedron or the Winged Snake for individual purpose last 2 hours and are recommended at key moments in the path of anyone who commits to evolve with SIBA. The session consists in the restoration of the narrative wefts brought to the light par the Terma. They imply a continuous commitment from the participant as well as a conscious preparation. An accompaniment is provided with the purpose of un-weaving the most complex issues.

The sessions and the rituals can be received from a distance by phone or Skype.

In group rituals, the process is similar to the individual session, but lasting between three and four hours, depending on the number of participants.

The sessions begin with a talk to formulate the intentions, followed by the SIBA ritual and transmutation of limitative programmings, and ending with a debriefing.

You may have as many sessions as desired, however it is recommended to wait at least two weeks between each session.

During individual session (and deeper during the rituals), you become a channel for your ancestors whose healing will induce the resolution of the present issue respecting the integration rhythm of the body.

During group rituals, participants join the circle with a personal intention and will work towards a collective transmutation. This transmutation will be for the earth, as each person will be incarnating archetypes related to the memory of humanity. The process becomes a terrestrial energy constellation, in direct resonance with cosmic constellations.

At the end of the first phase a theme will emerge for the session.

A person in the group is chosen by the consciousness of SIBA to be the catalyst of an “equation” the circle will solve. This person will receive the first healing, thus initiating the collective healing.

Following this, each person will receive a treatment in the order guided by SIBA. The alchemy of the group works by the resonance of the memories of the whole.

At the end of the ritual a vortex of energy is created, freeing a sum of memories related to collective karma manifested through the group.

The collective sessions are just as powerful as individual ones.

When returning to daily life, a time should be allowed for reintegration. This will allow the individual to get the maximum benefit from the process. It will provide an opportunity to start acting accordingly with all the realizations made conscious throughout the process.

Group SIBA sessions are ideal for pre-existing groups (friends, women, men, organizations, etc) aiming to work towards a common goal.

Receiving SIBA is a conscious commitment of our whole being to live in the service of Unconditional Love. It is accepting the alchemy inside us that allows the trans-generational and karmic memories that need to be freed, to emerge. It is the welcoming, without hesitation, of deep changes within our lives.