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I met Lydia and Pancho in 2012 and since then a profound transformation has begun in my life! Their medicine and their care led me with love and patience to explore unknown places of my being, bringing my soul back home! Every time new understandings arrived and the road became clearer. I learned that acceptance is the basis for a true transformation. I felt my body in its material dimension dissolve and do a profound work of transformation to allow my soul, my true nature to manifest itself with joy. I felt united with the All, with the Universe, with Pachamama .. happy and safe. In the visions the Wolf taught me the long vision, the focus on the goal and that death does not exist .. there is only life! Thanks to Lydia and Pancho. With Love and Gratitude!

Maria Cristina G. – Grosseto – Italy

My wife and I had 6 breakthrough experiences with Lydia and Pancho. I am an older fellow (70 yrs) and I have been around the block a few times…….studdied with master shamans for 25 years in the sierra mazateca of Oaxaca. But these guys top them all by light years…………..You want to find out the Earth’s deepest secrets and remedies…….this is where you will find it. Amazing folks….wonderfully invigorating ideas and actions…..they are over the charts and the best thing out there. Trust me.

Juan A. – Puerto Escondido – Mexico

It was a call. A “rendez-vous” taken a long time ago. Then a smile in the heart, a light that comes true. It is with sweetness and enthusiasm that I received my first SIBA session with Lydia. A wonderful healing artist, a goldsmith of inner journeying and musician of the soul. First, sweet and powerful voice that sings a story. Lulls you. A story is being revealed, emerging from the soul and then intensifying. Magical journey towards the memory of times and of woven bodies. With generosity, gentleness and truth. Without complacency. This moment is for you, the time to come back to yourself, to what belongs to you. A noble art that offers you the opportunity to come back to your essence in full responsibility of the Self. Years of search and this moment comes like an initiation, an elevation. Reunion with the Goddess, deep reconnection. Once again, way beyond the healing itself, it is an alchemical principle that is being established in the field of consciousness and that imprints into the Self like a retrieved seal. The SIBA Guardians are here to wake up the guardian within. Guardian on one’s own soul, guardian of the Self, Guardian of the wholeness. If you cross her path, it means that the time has come back… for you.

Natacha J. – Lisieux – France

My healing experiences with SIBA have supported me in overcoming many of my inner obstacles. These sessions accompanied me in times of change, and allowed me to understand, connect and learn. These experiences have played an important role in shaping who I am today. For this I am very grateful to Lydia and her team.

Raphaëlle A. – Cairo – Egypt

My first SIBA sessions have been crucial: I experienced that the invisible world is creating important things. Surprising manifestations in the body teach that body and spirit are connected through a constant dance and this dance manifests life. SIBA repairs and I felt the fingers of repair. What SIBA repairs touches our foundations. From a session to another what is revealed to me are the mechanisms that makes me do things and the ones who prevent me from doing some of them. With gentleness, SIBA presents and proposes me choices.I welcome these choices with gratitude as I know I’m responsible to decide wether I will make them or not. Trusting is the secret and I think that trusting SIBA is simply trusting myself. Immense gratitude to her Guardians who talk to the invisible world for me, this field where beautiful battles are being played in order to retrieve our true being. This dialogue is made out of chants, drumming, feather caresses, visions and many other things that I don’t always see yet. The narrative brought to the light by the Guardian is a journey. Trust.

Jean-Michel D. – Lisbon – Portugal

A real expansion and opening of consciousness… I still can’t believe it. A beautiful gift of life. Thank you so much François for this encountering! it felt so obvious :-). This kind of encounter that brings beauty and meaning to my path.
I felt SIBA fully, it comes directly from the stars and yet is tightly linked to Mother Earth…
I have a little story: At night, as I went to bed, I clearly felt an expansion in my body, my body was a sphere way beyond my physical body… And I told myself: I know this sensation (I didn’t remember it at all) but I would experience this sometimes in my childhood.

Jonathan R. – Albi – France

Through my first SIBA healing, as soon as the session would start I would feel my body physically reacting with a strong tremor coming from the core of my body; while the healing was on going I wouldn’t be able to tell what really is going on, or how am I feeling.. as probably resolved traumas would leave my memories.. After the healing I would feel very elevated and light; most of what I had in my mind before was gone already.. The shaman would tell me about the worries of my late grandfather and how it would inhibit me via DNA, also she would mention the soul of my aborted brother which somehow found it’s way to live through me. By the time I got home I would rush to my mom to ask her about this aborted brother which I didn’t know about.. She was very surprised with my question.. and I was indeed stricken by the fact that this abortion did take place before I was born.. I would feel so sorry for this unborn brother.. also I would tell her about how my grandfathers worries became resolved.. here we both would just feel this presence and we stay quiet while staring at each other and suddenly we would pick up this beautiful scent! my mom would then say that she felt it was her father( my grandfather ), the only person in my family I could really relate to.
Then my interest in the works of healing would ignite.. so I would keep doing whatever I can to remain involved within this process. I took part in a number of ceremonies .. truly sci-fi memories where activated where I would be at the other end of the galaxy piloting a space ship, I would experience many visits from benevolent spirits and super human 5th dimensional gods, I would travel back in time to ancient Egypt where I would experience the memory of someone who was in power and due to a poor decision he made regarding an invasion many of his people would die.. stricken by this defeat his ministers would arrest him and put him in shackles and locked in a prison cell to rot and die with his guilt!
Many times I would see my own self as a child, when I would experience the most abuse in all kinds.. most of the time.That’s where most of the healing work was done as a grown up I would find that I barely have any memories of myself as a little child, as I would suppress them out of trauma. In one of the most intense healing sessions I had I would become again that child.. also I would become my abusers.. I would experience their pain and guilt, their complete inability to even imagine how can they forgive themselves .. After that session I would lay down with tears in my eyes as I imagine that I’m holding my baby self in my arms and giving that little boy all that missing love and attention, an immense feeling of gratitude would take me over.
It’s not easy that kind of work, I would experience ego death every day, and the ego sometimes can pose as the one self.. so I would feel like dying and unable to process.. but after there’s always joy, liberation and most of all a sense of oneness and unity with others.

Farouqe A. – Cairo – Egypt

So much to say.
My first SIBA session was very amusing. I felt ancestral support through my hands and feet felt rooted.
Your work felt like a clean, not really painful operation.
When antibiotics and even probiotics failed, the first session cleared my stomach pain and infection & who knows what else! 🙂
Was amazing!
Second SIBA gave me specific physical updates; I had developed a sudden strong food allergy that I was aware but wasn’t very sure of because it was sudden and very strong.
and other important past life information.
Thank you. Really appreciated! ♡

Fatma K. – Cairo – Egypt

SIBA it is the whole medicina of reinvention, of rewriting, our own re belonging, a new page to define but with consciouness, to compose regarding our independant soul beyond emotional and enslaving stitches. Bringing ourselves back to life, without compromising, following the natural metabolism of individual and collective evolution.
Surrendering in order not to stay in the immobilism of illusions then act into the elaboration of the intact being that was still asleep. It is the way of leaving the “I’m looking for the proper way” and go to “I properly seek”.
When SIBA’s medicina surrounds ourselves with her lucid and ancestral transparency, when she crosses our granitic stoned layers, she goes deeply and intimately within ourselves, through ourselves and through time. She offers the oxygen for and during a journey towards the depths of the waters where our rusty chains have been swallowed, she guides us beyond ice statues that hide the space in which everything is being played, where we become the one who opens and who chooses all possibilities in order to be, invoking the memory of our inner fire, awakening consciousness as a tool for change. SIBA cares about abolishing the limits of conscience, takes us into the breath of reinvention from where we become authors of our creations, with which we become actors of our own definition, until the vibration of self-healing occurs.

Camille P. – Paris – France

What is SIBA to me? How has it affected my life?
SIBA has had a profound effect on me, an effect that has been subtle but extremely powerful. It has allowed me to let go of old patterns of thought and behaviour. Behaviour that was hindering me from truly reaching my full potential. Through letting go I have been able to change how I react to certain day to day interactions in more loving and constructive way. For me SIBA has been part of my life changing journey. Had it not been part of my journey I don’t believe I would have reached the level of understanding myself this fast and this gently.
Thank you

Sumaya H. – Cairo – Egypt

I had my first session with Lydia a couple of years ago after a series of unfortunate and some tragic events happened in my life. A very close friend recommended having a SIBA healing with Lydia as she felt she would be able to clear some of the negative energy surrounding me.
I discussed very little about myself or life to Lydia previous to my first session. The session took place over Skype and as I lay there and Lydia started drumming I felt myself enter a different place. Immediately Lydia became aware that my Physical and ethereal body were very separated and that she felt that I was in a constant state of protection. She drummed into this to find the story. She found that there was a lady in the past during the time of slavery who had been actively involved in the abolishment of it.. She had managed to expose a slavery ring in which a very Evil man was running, she had got him sent to trial and he was hung for his crimes. She said that I was very like this lady and the man who was hung was so dark that he waited in the spirit realm until that soul was born again, he then attached himself to me the day I was born. The amazing thing is unknown to Lydia I suffered from horrendous night terrors since as long as I could remember, It was always the same, waking up in the middle of the night with a shadow of a man in a clock over me about to strangle me. These night terrors prevented so much peace in my life, I always hated sleeping on my own and I would sleep with lights on and sometimes near a TV just so I could hear background noise, energetically I new this was not good but my fear was deep.
When she told me this story I could clearly see the man and knew the connection immediately, it was an extremely emotionally experience, as Lydia helped release the attachment I could feel it physically leave my body, I could clearly see his face above me it was an extraordinary feeling. Once the entity was gone Lydia then helped reunite my bodies so I was physically and spiritually together again.
I can not even begin to describe how different I felt after this. So much made sense and my thinking was so much clearer, to say it changed me is an understatement it made me me again.
Since then I have continued to have sessions with Lydia. I usually contact her when I feel I need some help in moving through a huge block that is affecting my emotional, physical or spiritual well being. I believe you can use no one thing on its own and that you can not rely on healers to heal you if you are not willing to put in equal amounts of work on yourself as otherwise nothing will ever change but having access to this amazing technique is a gift and one I cherish. Each healing allows me to become lighter and I feel I am expanding myself in every way.
The sessions are always filled with so much love and light and leave me floating.
Thank you Lydia for sharing your gift with us.

Natasha T. – Naxxar – Malta