The limitative programmings are aggregates of the false matrix that imprison us by feeding on low frequency emotions. This matrix or pain-body, produced by a drop in earth’s Chi (vital energy) diverts us by blocking us from the principle of auto-correction.

It destroys our life-giving relationship with the biosphere. It binds us to a logic that encourages the repetition of our mistakes, leading us towards greater imbalance on a personal, trans-personal and planetary level.

By nature we cannot avoid our mistakes but we do have the capacity to overcome them.

This is how Pachamama-Gaïa guides and teaches us. Without the recognition or correction of our mistakes we drown in an infernal spiral, giving ever much more power to the false matrix.

These aggregates or archaic programmings aim to defeat us and create conflicts inside us and within our communities. They are the source of our schemes and patterns, our conditionings which function with a “will” of their own. They are the essence of lies and the seeds of all perversions.

It is crucial to observe their influence in all spheres of our life, and to gain the strength to let them go firmly and without looking back. These patterns are deeply engrained in all aspects of our personalities, our daily life and our DNA.

For this reason it is equally important to be careful not to allow these old patterns to regain power over us in our daily life after the SIBA sessions.

This requires a state of constant vigilance. It is encouraged to pursue complementary practices such as massages, osteopathy, acupuncture, emotional intelligence, cognitive therapy, etc. The point being to reach a greater harmony on all levels such as the psyche, emotional body and physical body.

Once freed, we may feel the necessity to mourn these old patterns; this is perfectly okay and normal, as we have been carrying them for generations. They have become a bit like people we consider friends and feel loyal to, perhaps out of habit or weakness, even though they drain our vital energy.

Letting go of our conditioning is a bit like passing from the familiar and painful, to the unknown and restorative.

These old patterns can only be transformed once they have become visible and confronted in the vibration of the heart, not of the emotion.

By facing our limitations on the deepest level, our motivations and our desire to change our paradigm are being tested.

We always have the choice to change. If we accept to modify our behavior, to undo our habits, our addictions, our parasitic attachments, we can receive the grace of great healings and transformations for an ever-increasing freedom.