SIBA is an ancestral feminine consciousness. She is incarnated and operational in the form of a Terma, as known in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Tantrism. This Terma is dedicated to the current planetary evolution.

SIBA has been channelled by Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman since 2008, and is manifested within a crystal based technology. She specializes in decoding and transmuting archetypal-archaic programmings on a cellular level within the DNA itself.

This ever-evolving system vibrates at an extremely high frequency. The magic of SIBA is that it reads and decodes the information which is contained in the transpersonal memory (the Planet’s history).

To do so, she focuses on a story related to either an individual or a group on a trans-generational and karmic level. She restores it by an intra-cellular rewriting of the narrative then leads the memory to its original vibration before the fall of the frequency due to traumas and dramas that left asphyxiating imprints.

The sum of the information (or programming codes) contained in SIBA come from different locations on the planet, all highly sacred cradles of ancient traditions. The information retrieved by her Tertön (“discoverer of Terma” in Tibetan) is programmed in the SIBA system, made up of 18 crystals.

From their activation in the heart of SIBA, these programming codes allow access to limitative programmings most of the time generated by our ancestors’ mistakes, but also ours on a karmic level, and their consequences.

The system sheds light on past stories which contain archetypal keys promoting healing of present issues. It leads us to their initial narrative and relives the same narrative on an energetic level. In the framework of the ritual, it transforms them permanently in the morphogenetic field to which we are all connected.

We tend to say: “We cannot rewrite history” “what if this happened or that happened” what if a brigand had not crossed my ancestors path? What if I had gone West instead of East how different would my life have been?

Yet, this is exactly what SIBA does, re-writes the history of the soul.

SIBA connects to the events that emerge during a session and leads them to their resolution by modifying and correcting past events. This is done by connecting to the precise moment of the event and the drama that has taken place as well as the reason for the imbalances which repeat themselves life-time after life-time, generation after generation and then eliminates them by re-writing the events.

If we consider that everything is information, then the narrative can be rewritten, reprogrammed and changed from the cellular level. Then the body may regain its capacity to re-balance and restore various aspects of our life affected by the events that have taken place.

SIBA would like to share one of the many stories she brings to the light …

A Vestal priestess who lived in a sacred secret temple, fell in love with a man, this was at the time forbidden as they were born to the life of purity.

She trusted him and disclosed to him where the temple of the Vestal Priestesses was, unaware that her lover had other intentions, to find out were the virgins temple was and to send forth men to rape the women and destroy the temple then steal precious artefacts.

When she heard of his intent she ran as fast as she could to warn the priestesses and move them out of the temple but when she arrived it was to late…

Her heart filled with grief and life time after life time, unable to form a relationship without been submissive without feeling she still owes her life time to this event, punishing herself for her wrong doing even if it was out of innocence and with the intent to put it right… She blames herself and punishes herself unconsciously through her relationships without understanding why.

SIBA now re-writes this event:

The story remains the same up until the point when she hears of her lovers intention; she jumps on a horse, rides as fast as the wind, reaches the temple in time and moves the priestesses to a new location. She turns into a hero and from there she re-writes the rules of the temple, allowing the Vestals to fall in love and bare children….

It becomes clear that the behavior patterns we carry are so deeply imprinted that when we realize their origin we are able to relate to why behavior patterns are the way they are in our current life. When the event is re-written and re-programed we free ourselves on a cellular level from these patterns, gaining back our power through understanding our own story.

This is the magic and healing power of SIBA and Pachamama-Gaïa, reinventing the world by offering to our past stories a happy ending so that a beautiful present and future will be ours.

In SIBA, time is no longer a limitation. She is the guardian of keys which unlock access to the multidimensionality of our beings. We no longer transmute layers of memory but go directly to its core: the source of the stories that caused the limitations.

SIBA works on a planetary level. By going back and transforming the original limitative programmings, she acts much like erosion in nature, affecting imprints that are secondary, consequential or even repetitions of the first ones.

As such, the SIBA process requires individuals that care deeply about benefiting from its healing properties.

This means showing up with a sincere heart, humility and a willingness to confront the parts of themselves which are not aligned with the laws of nature and respect for inner and outer ecology. We all share the same issues, and this is exactly how they gain their destructive power.

SIBA invites us to renounce to the illusion of comfort and to reconsider our beliefs. This will allow us to surpass them and encounter our true selves.

She guides us towards the liberation of our power and our personal medicines. Often these have been inhibited and unable to express themselves due to limitative programmings.

SIBA acts on multiple levels and dimensions. She opens portals in each and every one of us. She is put into practice by a Guardian that assures the security and orthodoxy of its magic.

She creates changes in the brain and nervous system on a cellular level through an elevated vibration of non-duality.

Through a quantum realignment of our different bodies and situations, she opens doors that were previously blocked during our karmic and hereditary paths.

Our bodies are thus energized and they open to connect directly with the flow of the universe. In this field of intention it becomes possible to create a reality in synchronicity with the evolution of our Mother Earth.

This is why our creation and co-creation power increases after each session.

SIBA unites all the kingdoms and the four elements, bringing us deep into a true work of alchemy. She is the guardian of the keys. Meïa is her sacred, stellar language that is accompanied by mudras or ritualized gestures. Meïa is able to decode the most complex of programmings.

She or he who enters the sacred space of SIBA with the profound desire to align themselves in spirit and matter and surrender willingly to creation, with humility and an open heart is assisted in their growth by the restorative energies of the Terma. In Sumerian, SIBA means “The Doorway to the Stars”.