by Pancho Crazy Deer

What does healing mean for the children of the Earth?

This is based on the recognition that humans can source, recover and restore all the information contained in the memory of creation by freeing time as we perceive it on earth, and re-informing the great cosmic web of life.

Considering that ” as above so below” means that what is in the macrocosm is also in the microcosm, or equally that what is in the universe is like what is in man and what is in man is in the universe. The initiate knows that working on himself, is to work in the universe in it’s entirety; knowing that everything is energy and information, available in multiple vibrational frequencies or waves.
Moreover he knows that asking others to change, even with the best of intentions, is to subscribe to the logic of conflict and war.
It is simultaneously a relief and encouraging to know that there is no need to convince millions to change in order to stand up to falsehood, chaos and suffering, but only one. This especially gives a real meaning to the word responsibility. This conscientious responsibility shows true dignity, in contrast to guilt. One emancipates whilst the other alienates, and in freedom only there is dignity .

Thus, on the basis of those few non-exhaustive considerations, the light warrior, healer, extends his conscience over the universal dimensions, parallel worlds, and goes to meet different energies which are the cause of problems and dysfunctions.

Through the power of human beliefs – which incidentally demonstrate their creative power – and through the repetition of the same mistakes, some of these energies can be seen as entities or demons – they have become so in a sense, by crystallization. – Their aggressiveness is not an empty word, nor their danger nor malignancy. It takes a powerful healer with a certain type of knowledge to enable this energy to be confronted without the person loosing their health, their life.

It is also interesting to imagine that by going back to our earliest ancestors the variety of the human genome drastically decreases, we are millions to share parts of our DNA, and therefore the memories therein contained.

All this combined, leads to what we call the magic of shamanism, consisting of healing the spectrum of trauma of an individual, which sends into the morphogenic field (or collective psyche, or “collective unconscious” that we owe to psychoanalysis Jungian) information that will heal all who share the same genealogy as the patient. It enables the healing of the problem which is being treated, to all those who sincerely seek it.
In fact, the positioning of each is and must remain absolutely free. We can see clearly, that at the heart of this general influence and hold of the false matrix, most humans strike a compromise, deal with their pain rather than to question their choices, beliefs and patterns.

In order for us to heal we need to support encourage or trigger insights, in order to identify a problem and go back to its source. We need to locate the traumatic memories and their “watchdogs” in order to transform them into new information and / or destroy them .. A healing needs to be accompanied by a consolidation, i.e. a reinstatement of the parts of the being that wounds have projected into intermediate worlds and which negatively affect the build of the individual.
For instance (Blackout-partitioning phenomenon which affects severely traumatised children the acts as a time bomb or sneaky poison in the adult, severely compromising his ability to access his true identity, the breadth of his creative power and his full vitality).

We heal the causes of both existing symptoms or those to come, as well as relationship problems, domestic accidents or professional blockages. We help people with their fears and inhibitions, thereby releasing energy and in so doing making it available for greater spirituality for presence for a more consciousness and vigilance, for increased creativity and better self-esteem. In order to meet with self! (which does not happen to many humans)!
Thus a person on the road to recovery, eager to be more present to him/herself in his/her body, which is our instrument and vehicle at all times. They will no longer feed low frequency thoughts, those that lead to overwhelming called depression, and will cease to contribute to chaos, devastation and misery.

The first benefits may be good for him/her, but are a great boon for Earth.