The Shamans or Warriors-Healers

The Shamans or Warriors-Healers

by Lydia Femme Bison Tonnerre

” Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Since time immemorial, shamans – Warriors-Healers – women or men, operate in the invisible sphere to achieve results in the visible sphere : healings, changes to the climate etc.

The shamans (term originally from Siberia) are the ones who have the ability to get in touch with the different technologies which come out of the imagination of our Goddess as well as with the multitude of beings, spirits, guides inhabiting the different worlds dreamed up by Pachamama-Gaïa. These worlds are just as real as ours, except they’re on other vibrational planes. They are the sorcerers, the counsellors, the healers, the warriors, the artists, the mystics, the priestesses-the priests …

The shaman’s vehicle is the trance which can be obtained in various ways. Anyone may fall into a trance and travel between worlds. However, this approach is not without risk for the novice as the path is strewn with pitfalls and challenges. One does not become a shaman in a few months. Those who claim the opposite are none and didn’t have to go through the perilous steps of an actual initiation. No accomplished shaman chooses this vocation but once embraced, it requires their full commitment, strict asceticism and a permanent as well as continuous practice.

The role of shamans is to take upon themselves the responsibility of various events and dysfunctions that need to be transmuted for the collective field, the Tribe. During rituals, they become the catalyst for the sum of all the information that this represents as well as various low frequency loads.

Through their savoir faire and ritualized practice they commit to transform them into high-frequency energy. They are alchemists.

In primitive shamanism, it is through the power of their concentration and with the help of their invisible allies that the Warriors-Healers invoke the “shadows”, the perverted energies that, once manifested, flock to them, having identified them as responsable for their release into the light.

They fall into a state of “stupor”, they are paralyzed while they require the full attention of highly reliable assistants, beating the drum punctuating the chants throughout the transformation process of the energies. When they come back from their journey, it is as winners of adversity. The problem they faced is solved.

The first instrument of the shaman is her/his body. This places them in an extremely vulnerable condition while giving them a substantial power as they trust their allies and their practice fully. It represents the fundamental sacrifice (from Latin sacer sacra and-facial-facis: to create the sacred) that devoted beings make to their tribe and to the Earth.

Considering that becoming a shaman is not for everyone, it is nevertheless accessible to those who sincerely wish it to learn how to handle shamanic keys and tools, starting with proper guidance within a traditional system, then emancipating gradually to the rhythm of the mastery of trance.

On the magical path, warriors show courage. Aware of the real danger, they are willing to identify their fears, their inner demons and confront them as well as any part of themselves which would be unaligned and not impeccable.

The Warrior-Healer proclaims:

“As a Warrior I pledge to know myself, day by day, ritual by ritual.

I put all efforts towards earning the trust of my Tribe and the spirits.

I humbly offer my honesty and my sincerity. I do not conceal; my heart is transparent like water from the Himalayas.

As a Warrior, my actions are a reflection of my words.

None of my weaknesses can ever be a source of shame.

I declare myself a Tantrika with a naked soul and a pure heart; here lies my strength.

No one can rob me because nothing is mine.

I do not identify to any patterns or memories running through me.

My quest is freedom, I battle against my enemies, the deviances, false beliefs and Ego.

I am constantly tested, I invariably welcome it; I do not consider myself superior to the Great Ancestors. “

Imagination is the bridge between worlds. It allows us to contemplate peacefully that everything imaginable has its reality and its existence somewhere in the universe. How could we imagine anything that does not exist? How can we surpass the imagination of our creator? The shaman says, “I see what I believe” and not “I believe what I see.” Let’s consider the narrative of the caravels in the documentary film: What the bleep do we know?

” When Christopher Columbus’ caravels arrived on the coasts of the new world, not a single native could discern them. They were too far from their own technology. It was so foreign to them, without cultural reference, they could not conceive of their existence, let alone perceive their presence. The shaman of the tribe had however noted that the waves generated swirls and unusual foam, pushing his observation to scrutinise the sea assiduously. After a long and insisting time, the caravels finally appeared to him in their massive disturbing shape. Once he confided to his tribe the fruit of his discovery, everyone could see them. “

Each creation emerges from the imagination, that of men and that of our Goddess who delegates us immense creative power. Obviously, this creative power is unfortunately more used to destroy than to build. Humanity is morbidly drawn into a downward spiral of self destruction and self mutilation because it is contaminated by a pernicious virus. Repetitive loops of conditionings are the signature of this virus, that of consumption. This Evil makes us captives of the false limitation matrix. It locks us, alienates us.

Let’s nourish the faith in our unlimited creative power! May our being fully tends to the return of harmony!

Let’s become Warriors-Healers and enter the alchemical dance orchestrated by the Great Goddess to bring balance and peace in the paradise she offers us.