Sacred Marriage Meditation

Welcome to the sacred marriage meditation, channeled by Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman and guided by Tish Natashia Steenkamp.

All our ancestors slumber in our being since the beginning of time, in the very heart of our cells through our DNA. Within us vibrates the imprint of their joys and sorrows, their shortcomings and

Those who are not completely at peace seek our conscious and voluntary comfort, which is an essential key to our receptivity of their knowledge .Honouring their existence allows them to be by our side and available at all times so that they can spread their love within us.

The major objective of this meditation is to give the opportunity to couples from within our ancestral lineage, to appease once and for all their unresolved conflicts In order to make way for harmony in the highest spheres of consciousness. Inner peace is not fully available to us as long as we carry within us the memories of wars between men and women, betrayals, tears, broken hearts …

This is an invitation to seal the sacred and tantric alliance of inner masculine and feminine, united and invincible.

Regardless of our gender or sexual orientation, the two polarities of humans require balancing so that we can experience the ongoing planetary transition smoothly, despite the apparent chaos which is difficult to navigate.

It is recommended that you listen to the meditation on four consecutive days, followed by a four-day break, followed by an additional four-day listening cycle. It can also be listened to at any time as needed and desired.

If emotions arise during this alchemical journey or in your daily life, welcome what manifests with confidence, honour yourself as well as your ancestors and do this with complete serenity .

Let’s celebrate the divine marriage of the YIN and the YANG within us.

Have a beautiful journey…

This transmission is offered by beings that have evolved on frequencies beyond duality and are linked to different traditions. Through me, their channel for these occasions, they speak the sacred and archaic language: the MEÏA, associated with the TERMA SIBA. It is since 2008 that I have been asked to rediscover and work with the MEIA which has been assisting in the process of planetary regeneration by releasing the codes that the Great Ancestors generously offer us, by healing the wounds of the past, and by supporting us in our personal evolution. Throughout this meditation, the
MEÏA deprograms the low frequency memories and transforms them into pure light and joy. It also activates our personal medicines to radiate our power of love in this world.

This meditation is perfect for children and pregnant women.

Alchemical meditation of the eternal spring
clearing the chakras from low vibrational emotions

This meditation is channeled by Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman.

This meditation aims to release toxins that lives in our body caused by the poison of low frequency emotions such as fear, anger, denial, impatience, annoyance, doubt, mistrust, judgment, projection.

These emotions cut us off from our true nature of innocence and joy and prevent us from gaining clarity of mind and compassion from the heart.

This offering cleanses your energetic body from low vibrational emotions, during this meditation, Lydia channeled a language named Meïa, that clears each chakra from these lower vibrational frequencies then, fills them with light.

Repeat this meditation as many times as you want until August 9 when it will be obsolete (once a day is advised the first 10 days)

Introduction and crystal bowls by Tish Natashia Steenkamp.

Feel free to leave a comment: how you felt after you listened to this meditation and how we can support you during this shift.

Much love