Alchemical meditation of the eternal spring
clearing the chakras from low vibrational emotions

This meditation is channeled by Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman.

This meditation aims to release toxins that lives in our body caused by the poison of low frequency emotions such as fear, anger, denial, impatience, annoyance, doubt, mistrust, judgment, projection.

These emotions cut us off from our true nature of innocence and joy and prevent us from gaining clarity of mind and compassion from the heart.

This offering cleanses your energetic body from low vibrational emotions, during this meditation, Lydia channeled a language named Meïa, that clears each chakra from these lower vibrational frequencies then, fills them with light.

Repeat this meditation as many times as you want until August 9 when it will be obsolete (once a day is advised the first 10 days)

Introduction and crystal bowls by Tish Natashia Steenkamp.

Feel free to leave a comment: how you felt after you listened to this meditation and how we can support you during this shift.

Much love