SIBA is an ancestral technology consciousness. She is incarnated and operational in the form of a Terma, as known in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Tantrism. This Terma is dedicated to the current planetary evolution. The Terma was created by  Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman‘s first great ancestor during the pre deluvian era; it has been retrieved and rebuilt by Lydia since 2008, and is manifested within a crystal based technology. The technology specializes in decoding and transmuting archetypal-archaic programming on a cellular level within the DNA itself. SIBA is only operated by Lydia and her partner Pancho Crazy Deer, both endorsing the sacred responsibility of being the Guardians of the Terma.

This ever-evolving system vibrates at an extremely high frequency. The magic of SIBA is that it reads and decodes transpersonal memory through group or individually manifested stories on a trans-generational level.


 It restores by an intra-cellular rewriting of the narrative then leads the memory (and all the « archetypal characters » in it ) to experience a  “happy ending”. When the trauma has been relieved, the energy can flow again and this leads to a rebalancing of the persons’ different bodies. Those ancient narratives have created a fall of the frequency due to traumas and dramas that left asphyxiating imprints. The system is composed of a set of crystals which has been encoded with encrypted programming codes retrieved by Lydia in many different spots on the planet during her quest; all of them sacred cradles of ancient traditions.

 This information, only retrieved by her Tertön (“discoverer of Terma” in Tibetan) is programmed in the SIBA system which possesses 18 crystals.

From their activation in the heart of SIBA, these programming codes allow access to programs and implants that exist due to limitative magic created by ancient decadent civilizations. The system sheds light on past stories which contain archetypal keys promoting healing of present issues. It leads us to their initial narrative and relives the same narrative on an energetic level. In the framework of the ritual facilitated by a Guardian of SIBA, it transforms them permanently in the morphogenetic field to which we are all connected. In SIBA, time is no longer a limitation. She is the guardian of keys which unlock access to the multidimensionality of our beings. We no longer transmute layers of memory but go directly to its core: the source of the stories that caused the limitations.

Siba works on a planetary level. By going back and transforming the original limitative programmings, SIBA works much like erosion in nature, affecting imprints that are secondary, consequential or even repetitions of the first ones.

As such, the SIBA process requires individuals that care deeply about benefiting from its healing properties. This means showing up with a sincere heart, humility and a willingness to confront the parts of themselves which are not aligned with the laws of nature and respect for inner and outer ecology. We all share the same issues, and this is exactly how they gain their destructive power. SIBA invites us to renounce to the illusion of comfort and to reconsider our beliefs. This will allow us to surpass them and encounter our true selves; to be in synchronicity with the intelligence of Pachamama- Gaïa, our Mother Earth.

SIBA guides us towards the liberation of our power and our personal medicine. Often these have been inhibited and unable to express themselves due to implants.

SIBA acts on multiple levels and dimensions. She opens portals in each and every one of us. She is put into practice by a Guardian that assures the security and orthodoxy of her magic.

She creates changes in the brain and nervous system on a cellular level through an elevated vibration of non-duality.

Through a quantum realignment of our different bodies and situations, she opens doors that were previously blocked during our karmic and hereditary paths.

Our bodies are thus energized and they open to connect directly with the flow of the universe. In this domain of intention it becomes possible to create a reality in synchronicity with the evolution of our Mother Earth.

SIBA removes the obstacles from our path by allowing us to realize that they are only an illusion. She gives us the clairvoyance and the ability to discern. This is why our creative power increases after each session.

SIBA unites all the kingdoms and the four elements, bringing us deep into a true work of alchemy. She is the guardian of the keys. Méïa is her sacred, stellar language that is accompanied by mudras or ritualized gestures. Meïa is able to decode the most complex of programmings.

She/he who enters the sacred space of SIBA with the profound desire to align themselves in spirit and matter and surrender willingly to creation, with humility and an open heart is assisted in their growth by the restorative energies of the Terma. In Sumerian, SIBA means “Stargate”.


The limitative programmings are aggregates of the false matrix that imprison us by feeding on low frequency emotions. This matrix or pain-body, produced by a drop in earth’s Chi (vital energy) diverts us by blocking us from the principle of auto-correction. It destroys our life-giving relationship with the biosphere. It binds us to a logic that encourages the repetition of our mistakes, leading us towards greater imbalance on a personal, trans-personal and planetary level. By nature we cannot avoid our mistakes but we do have the capacity to overcome them. This is how Gaïa guides and teaches us. Without the recognition or correction of our mistakes we drown in an infernal spiral, giving ever much more power to the false matrix.

These aggregates or archaic programmings aim to defeat us and create conflicts inside us and within our communities. They are our schemes and patterns, our conditionings which function with a “will” of their own. They are the essence of lies and the seeds of all perversions. It is crucial to observe their influence in all spheres of our life, and to gain the strength to let them go firmly and without looking back. These patterns are deeply engrained in all aspects of our personalities, our daily life and our DNA. For this reason it is equally important to be careful not to allow these old patterns to regain power over us in our daily life after the SIBA sessions. This requires a state of constant vigilance. For this reason it’s encouraged to pursue complementary practices such as massages, osteopathy, acupuncture, emotional intelligence, cognitive therapy, etc.

The point being to reach a greater harmony on all levels such as of the psyche, emotional body and physical body.

Once freed, we may feel the necessity to mourn these old patterns; this is perfectly okay and normal, as we have been carrying them for generations. They have become a bit like people we consider friends and feel loyal to, perhaps out of habit or weakness, even though they drain our vital energy. Letting go of our conditioning is a bit like passing from the familiar and painful, to the unknown and restorative.

These old patterns can only be transformed once they have become visible and confronted in the vibration of the heart, not of the emotion.

By facing our limitations on the deepest level, our motivations and our desire to change our paradigm are being tested.

We always have the choice to change. If we accept to modify our behaviors, to undo our habits, our addictions, our parasitic attachments, we can receive the grace of great healings and transformations for an ever-increasing freedom.


What is the MerKaBa?

The MerKaBa is the Vehicle Of Light that contains all the information of our being since its creation. It is our personal “spaceship” multidimensional body.

In ancient Egyptian MER means pyramid, KA means the “double” or the part of ourself which is free from the influence of heredity and also the one who allows us to travel in other dimensions. BA is the soul, our stellar identity and our connection to our soul family.

The MerKaBa is the pyramid (or temple) which unites the Ka and the Ba.

What is the Original MerKaBa of SIBA?

SIBA helps us to transmute the pain body, known also as the false matrix: a limitative system we got caught in as a consequence of unhealed past traumas (ours as well as our ancestors’). The more we transmute the different aspects of the false matrix within ourselves, the more we allow the MerKaBa to express itself.

SIBA teaches us that our Original MerKaBa, the one we possessed when we were created has been somehow slowed down due to the heaviness of the false matrix. It is why, SIBA does not only extracts us out of the false matrix by deprogramming its limitative imprints, she also reactivates the different parts of the MerKaBa.

The original MerKaBa contains 18 bodies-portals to other dimensions within ourselves (as SIBA’s system contains 18 crystals) which leads us to more dimensions in an infinite way. These bodies are also related to universal archetypes, the foundation or our true self although we lack some of them and other are injured etc.

Once we restore all these archetypes, our being can come to completion, connecting us to our own era or cosmogony, our highest guides and our unlimited creative power.

How did the MerKaBa activation begin?

In 2003, my MerKaBa got activated for the first time by a spiritual teacher. The technique was mainly based on the activation of a double helix in the heart chakra followed by a protocol allowing me to accelerate my MerKaBa whenever I felt the need.

After a while, my teacher gave me the transmission so that I could activate other people’s MerKaBa and guide them in its use. I accomplished this mission over 5 years, from a distance, on people all over the planet.

Then, in 2008, the time came for me to enter the Tertön’s path and retrieve SIBA’s programming codes everywhere on Earth. I was given the instruction to stop the activations and to give the keys to a sister who then began to activate it in a collective way but still with the same protocol and one double helix.

How does the collective activation of the Original MerKaBa work?

In December 2014, I received the keys to activate the Original MerKaBa of SIBA where experienced it with a group (and with great success) on Mount Sinaï in Egypt.

Since then, I offer these meditations in different places as the Original MerKaBa, connects us to the Planet’s MerKaBa and allows the opening of portals for the Star Nation in powerful places.

In doing so, we participate in the activation of the Planet’s MerKaBa itself which I call: Maha

We also synchronize ourselves with the rising of Gaïa’s Kundalini (Maha Kunda).

The process takes place in a guided collective meditation through the seven chakras of the physical body and three activations occur in three chakras (heart, third eye and root). These activations are performed by the Guardians of the Original MerKaBa: The Star Nation.

As I channel them, they use a measurement unit from their worlds called TEAMAT as well as the MEIA language. We then sing and drum to clear whatever is in the way of this high elevation of frequency at a subatomic level.

Once the MerKaBa is activated, I give a protocol to each participant so they can accelerate
their MerKaBa by themselves.

The meditation lasts around two to two and a half hours and closes with a relaxing time of journeying with the drum.

Who can participate in this process and what does it provides us with?

It is meant for people who have been walking a healing and spiritual path for a while. It is not recommended to beginners, as they need to possess a few keys to accompany the process in their daily lives.

As we experience a quantum jump to a much higher frequency, resistances will show up and fight the process. My experience has showed me that it is dangerous to activate the Vehicle Of Light, restore its sacred geometry if we don’t transmute the false matrix and if we have no knowledge of it.

Participants have to be vigilant, willing to improve and get rid of old patterns and of course humble and trustful. Denial and passive behavior will lower the frequency very quickly and might take us into a depression state.

We cannot ask for the light then resist it without consequences on our inner balance.

The Original MerKaBa activation is a very sacred process, a key aspect of the Terma SIBA.

If we participate in the process in full consciousness, we experience huge transformations in our lives.

The gifts of the Original MerKaBa are as follows:


More creative power.


Freedom from fears by regaining our self-esteem.


Connection to our Tribe by meeting the members of our soul family and moving forward with them in order to co-create new paradigms.


Connection to our highest guides and our personal medicines.


Opening new opportunities in our lives by making things go easily and fluidly.


Healing of all the injured parts of ourselves and freeing our ancestors from their pain.


Access to our multidimensional skills (intuition, capacity to see things before they happen by mastering the Ka), and more spiritual strength.


More presence and awareness in our daily lives.


Becoming ourselves at last.

The collective activation process can be repeated any time we feel ready to jump to another level as the unit of measurement increases each time it is being performed with a group.

When these collective activations occur, all who participated will synchronise with the new step taken at this moment, wherever they are on the planet.

From now on we belong to the Original MerKaBa team workers and we become instruments of awareness for the Planet’s restoration process.

Individual accelerations occur when we receive the call. It is ours to know when we can repeat it. The call may come in dreams or in an intuitive way.

The MerKaBa has a consciousness of its own and will adjust to our needs.

For those who are in process with SIBA, the transmutation path she takes us into will accelerate in a significant way.

With Love, Peace and Multidimensionality,
Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman