We are Lydia and Pancho

Lydia Turco aka Thunder Buffalo Woman

Lydia is a French/Italian, traditional practitioner and teacher. She has trained since 2000 in the Shipibo/Conibo tradition of sacred plants of the Peruvian Amazon. Her training is in two different lineages, first with maestro Don Benito Arevalo then with maestro Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez with whom she created a retreat center in the Amazon Jungle. Prior to her first trip to the Amazon, she worked in the Lakota tradition of sacred Inipi (sweat Lodge). In 2008, she personally retrieved an ancient crystal technology named SIBA and has been working with both SIBA and the traditional medicine since then. She became maestra, teacher-healer in the Ayahuasca tradition in 2013. Lydia is in regular contact with medicine men and women from Peru, Brazil and Mexico who honor the beauty of Nature and consider themselves the guardians of the balance of life. They all recognize her as a messenger of their culture and a carrier of their vision. She particularly likes to accompany women and men into their very depth to truly discover their sacred feminine and masculine. This deep journey helps each participant contribute to the respect for the feminine dimension of life and its necessary integration into our society. Her therapeutic approach is holistic, taking into account all dimensions of being: physical, mental, emotional, family, social, cultural and spiritual. She is also trained in Western techniques such as foot reflexology and art therapy. The different techniques that she uses aim to support the participant in finding a sense of well-being, a coherence, a harmony of the inner world in order to live better in the outside world. Her treatments combine a full range of natural, preventive and curative therapies. She leads internships, retreats, gives conferences and organizes initiation trips to Peru, Mexico and Egypt.

She is the author of The Oracle of the Mother Goddess (L’Oracle de la Déesse Mère) published in January 2022, Guy Trédaniel editions, France, done in collaboration with film director Marc Caro. It is presently available in French.

François Hascoet aka Pancho Crazy Deer

François is a French traditional practitioner. He has been following the native traditional teachings of the Shipibo since 2010, as well as SIBA’s teachings with Lydia. He learned the piano at the age of six, the harmonium, then the organ at the age of fifteen and the bassoon at the age of 17. A student at the Conservatories of Caen and Rouen, he participated in the creation of a university choir in Rouen, taught piano and organ, worked as a bassoonist in the symphony and chamber orchestras of Upper and Lower Normandy. Pancho then became a long-term editor for the French-speaking world and traveled for nine years to meet all the French- speaking peoples of the world. He then went to live for six months in Cambodia followed by one year in Gabon to teach piano. The following year he journeyed to Tibet in the high Himalayas to share three years of life with the Tibetan monks of the monastery of Tabo. He creates the Upekkha association which allowed the creation of a school in the Spiti valley (Himachal Pradesh, India.) He then made many trips to India which were the occasion for an approach to Carnatic music and there he learned to play the sitar. Upon returning to France, he devoted himself to welcoming guests to a Templar house in Haute Provence, where he shared music, meditation and organic vegan cuisine with his hosts. In 2010 he met Lydia, commencing his intensive shamanic learning. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in the field of music, François also offers courses of liberation of the voice and spontaneous singing.

Let’s reinvent ourselves together

Doesn’t it feel like present times urge us to question the validity of some fundamental beliefs, for those who understand the impact of those on daily life in all its aspects? Time to think about changing some of our reflexes, possibly obsolete patterns.