Traditional Dieta

During these seven days, you will join several rituals where you’re invited to be spiritual warriors, participating actively in the collective alchemical process that is going to take place.

During these circles, highly sacred events might occur, visitations of High Spirits, Ancestors from all Nations and also Star Beings delivering sacred knowledge and deep healings.

As such, we ask everyone to enter the sacred place with trust, gratitude, and humility and to behave with great respect and alignment. You will be asked to leave your comfort zone, revise your beliefs and hopefully transcend some of them in order to meet your Inner Ttruth and learn how to align with the changes occurring on Earth.


This retreat is for people who wish to heal and evolve, let go of old patterns and reconnect with their creative power. It is a journey towards oneself and oneness. By bonding with the powerful technology named SIBA and The Original MerKaBa during the medicine rituals, you allow yourself to go deeper into your intentions. Both SIBA and The Medicines bond together and open portals directly to your ancestorial memories where we can find the source of issues and blockages. We provide treatments on everybody during the ceremonies. The treatments are deep and relieve many pains on the physical, emotional and psychological level. It is etherical surgery. We see all issues as the result of trans generational traumas, inherited from ancestors. Our Icaros (chants), music and the sacred language called Meïa allow us to journey with joy and security into the many realms of our inner temple. We receive many insights during the retreat as each understanding leads us to more healing.

Collectively, we synchronize with the shift of frequency happening on the planet. We do this with the consciousness and the willingness to leave behind everything that still restrains us from reaching a higher level of frequency. In doing this, we become more detached from the mundane, everyday world, and learn to include and rely more on the Spirit World and Nature’s Laws.

It is important for everyone to come with precise intentions that will be shared before the rituals. And know that these intentions might evolve during the retreat impacted by what will be revealed, ceremony after ceremony.

Pancho and Lydia enter the sacred space of the shamanic dieta during those seven days. The dieta is an ancestral protocol that allows the participant or apprentice to integrate the knowledge of medicinal plants, gain strength and protections and bond more with the cosmogony of the Shipibo/Conibo tribe and with the multiple traditions linked to SIBA. The dieta has to be done under the supervisions of « Maestros » who have been going through this process for many years. All the plants available for the dieta come from the Amazon Forest.