Online Workshops


SIBA can be practiced in individual sessions and also collectively.

The group sessions are lead by Lydia and Pancho and last 2.30 hours.

Participants join the circle with a personal intention and will work towards a collective transmutation. This transmutation will be for the earth, as each person will be incarnating archetypes that are related to the memory of humanity. The process becomes a terrestrial energy constellation, in direct resonance with cosmic constellations.

Lydia and Pancho facilitate the collective transmutation with music, the language Meïa and visualization guidance.

At the end of the ritual a vortex of energy is created, freeing a sum of memories related to collective karma manifested through the group.

The collective sessions are just as powerful as individual ones. The alchemy of the group works by the resonance of the memories of the whole.

When returning to daily life, a time should be allowed for reintegration. This will allow the individual to get the maximum benefit from the process. It will provide an opportunity to start acting accordingly with all the realizations made conscious throughout the process.

Group SIBA sessions are ideal for pre-existing groups (friends, women, men, organizations, etc) aiming to work towards a common goal.

Receiving SIBA is a conscious commitment of our whole being to live in the service of unconditional Love. It is accepting the alchemy inside us that allows the trans-generational and karmic memories that need to be freed, to emerge. It is the welcoming, without hesitation, of deep changes within our lives.

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