Aliens and Colonization(or the [total] war against the human soul)

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What do we call “alien”, and “colonization”? How do we understand these terms, these denominations?

Alien comes from the Latin, alius – alienus, literally “other”. The word then entered the old French language as “alien” and later was adopted by Middle English as meaning “foreign” belonging to a foreign country as well as “unfamiliar”, “disturbing” or “distasteful”.

It’s about the decolonization of our mind and our very being that is playing out and intensifying at this moment.

For a long time and with notable intensification and acceleration in the twentieth century, our human nature has been incredibly parasitized beyond recognition in its expressions of ferocious greed, of unquenchable lust accompanied by irrepressible morbid impulses of destruction and self- annihilation.

The language of rich countries began to be perverted by “communicators” of all kinds; advertisers, lobbyists, preachers, politicians as well as scientists, philosophers… all in search of audiences, power, fame and money.
It is not surprising that thought, quite naturally, follows the slope of degeneration initiated by that of language. Nor is it surprising that mind control reach such a high malevolent level today in the world.

What followed was the loss or collapse of primordial universal human values in so called democracies with a pyramid structure, from the top to the base, from the self-declared elites to the working classes through the middle classes. The rot has already set in with the aim of nothing less than revealing the original lie and the absolute existential impasse it represents for evolved humans and their luminous cosmic destiny.

We might very well be inveterate warriors. We can bet that out of a taste for the game, we even threw challenges at each other before this incarnation, to add spice to our respective missions! (Yes please share that which you guess or imagine could be yours…! ) Let us feel the thrill of joy rising in the face of this assertion that we are free to appropriate, by the grace of our newly reconquered interior sovereignty. As fun and constructive practical work you may begin with an investigation, an “audit” of your life since your birth.
You note the progression of the confiscation of your eternal and original nature, as well as access to it or to its memory, such as the sneaky intrusion of lies during childhood, like “a legitimized break-in in the name of love”. You start to realize and agree to recognize that gradually, throughout your life, not a single decision, emotion, reflection, reaction, state of mind, action etc. has ever been free from interference of one kind or another. Nothing has avoided being hacked, big time. On a daily basis you can have fun monitoring your thoughts, your reflexes, your domestic, psychological and spiritual patterns and to attribute to them a percentage of interference and the differential percentage which represents your true nature, your deep and unbetrayed desire, subject in no way to the supposedly unavoidable constraints or conventions.

We have allowed access to our nature to be confiscated in order to better understand the existential impasse of fear. We are, whether we recognize it or not, constantly anxious, night and day. And we experience this constant anxiety to a degree that is astounding… when we are ready to recognize it.

Anxiety and fear, are both energies, but when vitiated they carry information which allows low frequency energies to tune in. And when these low frequency energies tune in, they “access their desire” to get a chance to incarnate, to take precedence over the high frequency energies within us. Expressed differently, entities “that have chosen the dark”, aspire to incarnate in our biosphere with no allegiance to the light. They even challenge it. whether you use the word light, the word love, or the word consciousness, the cosmic law cannot let the divine love, the divine light, the divine consciousness be defeated by any challenge. Nevertheless we humans are affected by this dynamic of trying and pushing to interfere throughout our incarnations.

Based on who we are destined to become, i.e. Guardians and Guarantors of Cosmic Law, Protectors of All Life, Creators of Universes, we must learn and record our lessons at the cellular level, at the heart of our DNA. What is presently happening is the conquest of our eternal rights, our incontestable legitimacy to assert them in all areas of the galaxy in the exclusive service of Unconditional Universal Love, of the Ecstatic Joy of Pure Consciousness infusing into matter, whatever the appearances. Our Mother Earth wanted it to be so and offered us a flagship, a temple and a home. And it is populated by a large, innumerable family, with infinite diversity, full of beauty to do our classes and prove our indestructible loyalty… in order to become the incorruptible race that we eternally are.
For me it is invigorating to recognize, in real time, the impulse which is in my nature, and the one which is bring hacked, I observe, neutral but implacable, each little impulse of annoyance, beginnings of judgment, and know how to recognize that those not me. This is, in no way, an excuse and I manifest and confirm my rejection of that which does not fully and incorruptibly express My Nature.

It emerges from all this that by replacing word consciousness with that of energy, {since it is exactly the same thing}, and recognizing that our consciousness/energy is parasitized, “something” is stealing from us for its own agenda. And it is foreign to our nature and our mission, only allowing us to use a minimal portion of our potential. We are thus Ferrari super-cars operating with deleterious fuel at 5% of our capacities.
We are chronically tired, more or less depressed, forced to regularly abandon our vehicle in an often, appalling state of disrepair, before taking a new one and leaving for a ride in this incubator developed from the Matrix of Divine Creation to ultimately bring us into being. We are not yet born. But the new purified fuel which begins to circulate in our internal circuits causes a cleaning as well as a recalibration of our internal connection systems. This causes another kind of transitory fatigue, to which we can respond by choosing to keep faith in the process. Start each day by summoning gratitude and joy, determined to no longer play the game of anxiety, self-devaluation, guilt, doubt and procrastination. Knowing that patterns die hard we observe this with a caring inner smile for oneself as for everyone else. Here is the antidote par excellence. We are the Pioneers of Evolution, the Adventurers of Consciousness, the Explorers and Masters of Time, the Bearers of Light, Lovers and Protectors of Life.

We weave the canvas of our myth in beauty, poets of our journey. Tantra, in Sanskrit means to weave. We do not yet perceive all this beauty that is ours, so as not to let ourselves be dazzled prematurely by our courage and our dignity. What makes us perceive ourselves as unworthy is not ours, nor of us, but makes us advance with dignity towards our sovereignty. We play the game of devaluation and doubt to better defeat the temptations of the ego. It is indeed a game. I am beginning to recognize the fundamental difference between doing what I do seriously and take myself seriously. I even perceive better and better that the more seriously I take myself, the less seriously I do what I have to do. Sublime paradox.

Is this the truth? No, it is not, these are beliefs that I choose sovereignly, because it is from them that I freely create. From the truths I only lock myself into dogmas and sterile patterns. My beliefs are moving and evolving in The Eternal Present. The truths* can only alienate me from the past and make me fear the future. They dispossess me of The Presence.

  • *that which we commonly understand by the word”truths “

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