Black or perverted magic?

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Whoever believes in the existence of an invisible world, and in the tremendous potential of our creative power, knows very well that any evil intention projected upon us is bound to impact negatively on our energy field, our physical body and to inflict on us substantial damage.

A great many people use spells to settle the scores, to take revenge, to infiltrate insidiously the aura of other human beings for the purpose of draining them of their essence and knocking them out.

It’s the perfect crime, especially in societies alienated from the laws of nature as no one could be tried in a court of law, let alone convicted for it. And in retrospect, this is a blessing if we think of the millions of innocent people, accused of witchcraft who were sent to prison or burnt at the stake, throughout the ages and continents, particularly during the period of the Inquisition.

Today, the use of magic is an inescapable fact which must be acknowledged and watched over with great vigilance. Not only are we influenced by the memories of our ancestors, and by the limitative programming inflicted by the false matrix, but we can also fall under the influence of malicious people who use their psychic force to harm us or; when lacking the correct skills these individuals may even commission an experienced sorcerer for that very purpose.

Traditional human societies, still practicing a living cult of ancestors, use, in their everyday life, harmful as well as liberating and healing magic. As to so called “civilized” countries – which consider  the development of human technology as progress – this phenomenon is mainly regarded as an irrational superstition. This denial is causing considerable damage.

Whoever is not fully aware of potentially harmful situations in life, cannot protect himself from their effects.

Indeed, underestimating or ignoring this phenomenon does not shelter us from its tangible consequences which can affect our lives. Those who reject this phenomenon are easy prey for perverted sorcerers – due to a deficiency of protections as shields and the lack of awareness of the presence of spirit allies and of the need to call upon them. Furthermore, these victims carry, like everyone else, memories of ancestors who suffered from or committed malicious magical acts. These imprints become large open gaps that make us vulnerable to the evil magic of the moment.

By the way, what is black magic?

First, let us put this concept into perspective. We often hear the expressions black magic and white magic – which are supposedly antagonistic. In the collective imagination, black magic is “bad”, unfavorable, while white magic is “good”, favorable.

Let’s look closer at the origin of these phrases. Wouldn’t black and white be here an evocation of the alchemical process? And, by the way, there is also a third expression : red magic – sexual magic – highly prized by those who try to regain the affection of lost lovers and enslave them to their own fantasies.

Black, white, red. Is it not a clear evocation of these 3 steps of Alchemy: blackening, whitening, reddening?

The Warriors-Healers, for example, in their function as catalysts transforming the shadows, dive without hesitating into the core of darkness in order to meet the essence of light and, even, to shape the obscure « prima materia » available in a space from which all creation is born.

Black cannot have any negative connotation whatsoever.

Supported by time and Nature, coal  becomes diamond as it possesses all the intrinsic qualities required for this transformation – It is perfect in its dark form, carrying a purity which is ready to emerge and radiate.

Therefore, our description of the ritualized harmful action and of the unscrupulous sorcerer shall be more accurate by adopting a different and divergent syntax.

Acknowledging the lessons of Don Miguel Ruiz, especially in his book : The 4 Toltec agreements, we now prefer the terms “misguided projection”, for the so-called “black” magic, and “active empathy”, for the so-called “white “magic, to qualify this type of phenomenon – which we will continue to describe, later on, as well as sexual magic and the power of erotic energy in the inner alchemical process.

White magic is nothing but the magic of unconditional love and compassion. It is the work of the Warriors-Healers which favors their communion with Mother Earth, allowing them to fulfill their dreams and believe in all possibilities in a mutual aid approach and of shared experience.

How does the misguided projection work on a magical level?

The practice of rituals, the use of tools filled up with psychic energy and the invocation of parasitic entities (and sometimes departed souls) are aimed at amplifying our intentions, whatever they are. Our creative thoughts take the shape of an egregore, a magical entity purposefully created by a group which can be remotely controlled by a wizard as soon as it is aimed towards a specific object

Through the ages, magicians have been very well versed in the concept of egregore, whether individual or collective. Shared beliefs, especially,form egregores from which it may prove difficult to extract oneself because they are fueled by the strength of certainty projected by a fair number of people. These egregores seldom induce emancipation. As soon as the egregore is created, the projection can reach its target and accomplish its mission, obeying the sorcerer while protecting him thanks to its corollary shielding function. This approach is identical to that active empathy: the Warrior-Healer also creates an egregore, a benevolent one, to protect someone or some place.

The misguided projection operates similarly, although to a lesser extent, without the support of the ritual. As underlined by Don Miguel Ruiz, it is at work every day, every second, when we lack vigilance: critiques, insults, grudging thoughts against someone, or oneself, are informing the energy field and, as long as they are not transmuted, are going to leave a stamp in the physical body. Their strength is, moreover, increased by the contaminating power of the collective egregore which contains permanent projections, past and present. These projections generate a true pollution of the morphogenetic field and, in turn, of the great earthly body.

Through a decent positioning, our mission is to refuse, ever, to be the accomplices of this degrading practice and to strive to suppress, within us and around us, this egregore of misguided projections of which we are all co-responsible.

Let us dare to use black magic, alchemical magic, plunging into the heart of our alienating darkness. Let us be the heroes of the Planetary Regeneration at work. Let us develop actively our empathy to allow our beings to reconnect with their original diamond vibration.

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