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What does healing means for the children of the earth?

That is, based on the recognition that I am the bearer of all that undermines the human being, retrieving and restoring all the information contained in the memory of creation, by freeing ourselves from the concept of time as we perceive it on earth, and re-informing the great cosmic web of life.

Considering that “as above so below” (and vice versa) which means that what is in the macrocosm is fully in the microcosm, or, what is in the Universe is like what is in Man, what is in Man is in the Universe, the initiated person knows that working on their interiority, is working integrally on the Universe; knowing that everything is energy and information, available in multiple vibrational frequencies or waves.

Moreover they know that asking others to change, even with the best of intentions, only fits in the logic of conflict and war.

It is simultaneously comforting and motivating, to know there are not millions of people to convince and change, to rise against chaos and suffering, but only one: Me, so it gives a real meaning to the word responsibility. This conscious and assumed responsibility which constitutes the true dignity, in opposite to guilt. One emancipates as the other alienates, and there is only dignity in freedom.

Thus, on the base of those few non-exhaustive considerations, the warrior of light, the healer, extend their consciousness to more dimensions the Universe, of parallel worlds, to meet different energies responsible of disorders and troubles.

By the force of beliefs of humans – which incidentally demonstrates their creative power – and because of the repetition of the same mistakes, some of these energies can be seen as entities or demons – they have become such, though the phenomenon of crystallization – whose aggressiveness is not an empty word, nor their danger, moreover malignancy. It takes strength and specific knowledge for the healer to enable it to confront it without losing their health or their life, and to succeed.

It is also interesting to imagine going back to the earliest ancestors in order to diminish drastically the genetic material of humanity, we are millions to share parts of our DNA, and therefore the memories it contains.

All this combined leads to what we call the magic of shamanism, which consists on healing a traumatic spectrum of individual memory, which sends in the morphogenic field (or collective psyche, or “collective unconscious” that we owe to Jungian psychoanalysis ) the restored information to all who share the genetics of the patient and makes accessible and easy the healing of a particular treated problem, for those who sincerely seek it.

Indeed, the positioning of each is and must remain absolutely free.

And we can see clearly, in the heart of this general influence of the false matrix, most humans prefer to strike a compromise, negotiate with their pain rather than to question their choices, beliefs and patterns.

Therefore, for us, healing is to support or encourage and trigger insights, highlight a problem and go back to its source, clear its traumatic memories and their “watchdogs” for transmutation through a re-information and/or destruction, care that is accompanied by a consolidation, ie reinstatement parts of the being that injuries have projected intermediate worlds that are lacking in human construction (blackout-partitioning phenomenon severe trauma in children, who are in adult life as bombs that sneaky poison, serene prohibiting access to his true identity, to the fullness of his creative power and its full vitality.)

We heal the causes of both existing symptoms or to come, as relationship problems or domestic accidents or professional blockages.

In doing so we help people from their fears, inhibitions, releasing energy available therefore for greater spirituality, self-presence for a more conscious and vigilant for increased creativity and finest self-esteem. To meet finally home! (which does not happen to many humans!)

Thus a person on the road to recovery, eager to be more present to himself in his body is our instrument and vehicle at a time, will no longer feed low frequency thoughts, those that lead to saturation what we call depression, and will cease to contribute to the chaos, devastation and misery.

The first benefits may be good for them, but a great boon result on Earth.

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