Healing our ancestors

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Why is healing our ancestors a key to inner liberation, to the regeneration of all our wounds and exponentially, those of the planet?

The shamanic approach leads us to understanding that DNA contains the sum of all the memories of our family, starting from both the maternal and paternal lineages and their siblings – which quickly leads to a considerable number of individuals who have left their imprint on us.

That being said, we embody the information of hundreds of thousands of “past lives”, without even considering the notion of reincarnation, which is the part of our consciousness that incorporates a body at birth.

We are primarily a reincarnation of our ancestors and within us are printed the memories of their talents, their qualities, their wisdom but also the memories of their mistakes, their wounds, their conditionings and their traumas.

Since its origins, shamanism is the practice that empowers us to reconnect to our ancestors and to heal past traumas, to exorcise inner demons and, sometimes, forms of parasitic entities that occupy our energy field without our consent.

To do this, shamanism is based on the collaboration with the spirit world – and the plants, the animals, the minerals – and it accesses this memory frame through music and controlled trance. 

To do this, shamanism is based on the collaboration with the spirit world, the plants, animals, and minerals . It accesses this memory frame through music and controlled trance. 

Our personal information field, in our DNA at the cellular level, can be compared to a database that is decrypted by the people who know how to connect themselves to the vibrational mode of the cells, and to their song, with the understanding that everything in the universe, is vibration.

Once connected, it is possible for them to perform surgery on the very DNA frequency that allows some traumas to heal and to provide access to balanced and nourishing spheres of our being – which are the positive and favorable legacy of our ancestors.

The diversity of examined cases, whether they are cultural, sociological or generational from the easiest to the most terrible and complex ones – demonstrates the flawless efficiency of a treatment when its goal is to heal the wounds of the ancestors in order to solve a current issue.

Obviously, people are not born embodying the totality of the malfunctions of their personal ancestors because, otherwise, they could not survive. Depending upon their mission on earth, their personality and all the constitutive elements of their path, they will carry some personality traits, talents, as well as problems in their current incarnation which resonate with trans-generational memories.

At a key moment in their life, often as a result of a shock, a blockage may occur – emotional, psychological or physical – creating painful and limiting symptoms. Let’s call it “The awakening of the ancestor” :

Somewhere within ourselves, in the profusion of the cellular symphony, one or more ancestors, with whom we share the same alchemical equation between our traits of personality and our journey through life, suddenly come out of their sleep.

They are going to beg for help and urge us to acknowledge them in order to repair the most severe consequences of their failures and corrupt behaviors. In their lifetime, they neither had access to the keys nor did they face suitable circumstances, to transmute their pain before they died and sunk into nothingness, prisoners of oblivion for centuries, even millennia.

Who has not heard or uttered these words: “I do not have to pay for the mistakes of my ancestors or my past lives. I have nothing to do with them. I do not remember. This is not my fault. “

Indeed, it seems deeply unfair to become abruptly the victim of the sufferings and lack of awareness of people that we do not know, just because we share the same inclinations and because we are part of a lineage that, a priori, we haven’t chosen ! 

Yet the divine matrix of creation of our Mother Earth, whose science and imagination is beyond comprehension – we only have to observe how the human body and Nature Herself work – is aiming, intrinsically and continuously, for an individual and planetary healing process, empowering us to become, consciously, the channels and the vectors of the rehabilitation of our ancestors. Once released, they will be able to offer us what we need desperately in order to move forward and reach the stage of evolution to which we may legitimately aspire.

How often, facing ourselves, do we look powerless and swamped by negative emotions, fears and depression? It is thus soothing to tell ourselves that these emotional waves, or even these crystallizations in the physical body, don’t belong “to” us although they are “within” us and manifest themselves “through” us.

Therefore, this natural phenomenon – which is a form of purification and rebalancing of data printed in our DNA – when happening, is an invitation to stop to behave as victims if we want to become mature Warriors-Healers.

It is our responsibility to help our elders to free themselves and, consequently, through acting upon the morphogenetic field, to free the other members of our family those who will not resist the process of transmutation having understood that any resistance makes it more difficult.

However one thing is certain: resistance or not, the strength of this occurrence inevitably leads to cell regeneration and resolution of issues. If we do not become fully aware of that, and if we do not decide to actively confront it, then, somehow, we will become possessed by those suffering ancestors and we will suffer the painful consequences.

Until recently, the “awakening of the ancestor”, and its transmutation, had to involve several generations whereas, today, the acceleration and intensification of the phenomenon are such that we have the opportunity to explore different ancestral narratives and to heal them, in just a few months, so that we can imagine, and build for ourselves, an optimal life scenario and live it in fullness and absolute freedom.

Since we are all parts of the biosphere, the same as individuals of other realms, each step of our personal evolution contributes to the collective evolution.

It is why the practices of our ancestors, the shamanic ways incorporating this understanding for thousands of years, support and help us. They remind us and teach us that the more we honor the elders by welcoming their wounds without restrictions, embracing unconditionally and with love the wholeness of their journey, the more we become complete and authentic men and women.

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